Medals for Patients!

This weekend was bittersweet. We hit a big fundraising milestone goal, which was fabulous. However, a warrior close to our hearts lost his fight against Leukemia. Chris was only 14 and had relapsed earlier this spring. He was the first fellow pediatric patient to reach out to my niece as she was being diagnosed andContinue reading “Medals for Patients!”

The Warrior Unicorn Panda is BACK!

Check it out!! Our awesome Warrior Unicorn Panda (that started all of this for me) is back!! You can snag your own apparel and mugs through May only!! New style: baseball t!! The amazing local One Mission donates proceeds from each item sold to our cause. They offer many wonderful gifts, candles, Haitian-made items, jewelry,Continue reading “The Warrior Unicorn Panda is BACK!”

Full-Steam… into Socially Distancing?!!

Hello, supporters! I have been quiet for a few weeks. As everyone can’t help but know, the pandemic that is upending life as everyone knows it is having super real impacts. Its impact on this effort is no different. You may ask WHY?? we are going forward with it now… because we ARE… and IContinue reading “Full-Steam… into Socially Distancing?!!”