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Emily Wilkinson is a candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year 2020; however, this really is a team effort. The impact we are striving to make cannot be done alone. By working together, we are making a difference! As the candidate, I can personally say that it doesn’t matter to me which teammate you support because it is all about the purpose – helping cure cancer and support patients. Everything each of us raises is pooled together to support the LLS Mission.

Donations can be made during the campaign, from April 2, 2020 through June 12, 2020. Funds received after June 12 can not be counted! Donations made online through our websites (below) can be made until the Grand Finale Gala on Saturday June 13, 2020.

Donations are accepted through fundraising pages on the Leukemia & Lymphoma sites below. They are also accepted through Venmo, checks by mail, through sales of adorable Warrior Unicorn Panda merchandise – shop link below, and in-kind for raffles and silent auction!

Donations Online to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Support Team Impossibly Strong through any one of our team members! You will receive an email confirmation of your tax deductible donation.

Emily Wilkinson | Candidate | Aunt of Honored Lymphoma Warrior and Survivor and Warrior Unicorn Panda Artist
Jude Wilkinson | Teammate and 10-year old Son | Cousin of Honored Warrior
Anne & Scott Johnson | Teammates and Parents of Candidate | Grandparents of Honored Warrior
Liz Aggarwal | Teammate and Sister | Mother of Honored Warrior
Liz Wilkinson | Teammate and Sister-in-Law | Friend to Warriors
Sarah Eischeid | Teammate and Friend | Daughter of LLS Warrior
Casey DeBrower | Teammate and Friend | Sister of Cancer Angel
Joan & Randy Butler | Teammate and Friend | Daughter of LLS Angel
Sandy Christensen | Teammate and Friend | Wife and Mother to LLS Survivors
Jerica Christensen | Teammate and Friend | LLS Survivor and Daughter of LLS Survivor
Maria Gaffney | LLS WOY 2019 Eastern Iowa Chapter | Teammate and Friend | Daughter of Cancer Survivor and Relative to Angels and Survivors
Joe Haefner | Teammate and Friend | Sibling and Family to Cancer Angels
Sarah Mersch | Teammate and Friend | Niece to LLS Angel
Heather Spangler | Teammate and Friend | Supporter of Friends!
Michelle Engelken | Teammate and Friend | Supporter of Friends!
Heather Fisher | Teammate and Friend | Daughter of Cancer Angel
Michelle Bildstein | Teammate and Friend | Supporter of Friends!
Kari Bruns | Teammate and Friend | Supporter of Friends!
Stephanie Wheeler | Teammate and Friend | Supporter of Friends!
Holly Dannen | Teammate and U of Iowa Intern
Grace Wormley | Teammate and U of Iowa Intern

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Donate through Venmo

Donations can be made via Venmo @EmilyWOY2020 or mailed as well, provided that they are received before June 12, 2020. Please ensure you do not date or send them prior to kickoff, April 2!

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Donation by Check

Payable to: the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Memo: Emily Wilkinson
Mail to:
4619 Prairie Grass Ct NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52411

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Warrior Unicorn Panda Merchandise

Order your Warrior Unicorn Panda shirts and mugs while our store is open on One Mission HERE! The store will be open until through May 31! If you wish to order, get your order in now. 40% of your purchase is donated to LLS – that includes their other great gift items including candles, art, handmade items from Haiti, and other shirt and mugs designs!!

Bonus: these purchases also support a small business nearby in Mount Vernon, IA, which is founded on the basic goal of giving back – such a beautiful mission!

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In-Kind Donations

Our team is preparing raffle and silent auction items for events throughout the campaign, including for the Grand Finale gala. If you would like to contribute to these, please reach out or mail to Emily!

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