5 Days Remain!

Happy Monday! I cannot believe this 10-week journey is close to its end. I am deeply appreciative of all the support along the way. It has not been easy – we had planned for many months, canceled all of it, and rebuilt from scratch amid the pandemic, home-schooling and parenting young kids, and just tryingContinue reading “5 Days Remain!”

Active, Fun, Dreamy… Cancer isn’t Canceled!

Just 13 days to go until the Grand Finale… here’s how you can get involved and have some fun! We are in the home stretch of this campaign. Every dollar counts and we are really counting on all of our supporters to get as close to our goal as we can. Cancer doesn’t pause forContinue reading “Active, Fun, Dreamy… Cancer isn’t Canceled!”

17 Days: Last Chances… Tropical Vacations… Silent Auctions… and MORE!

We are in the middle of week 8 and I can’t believe how fast this is going. My team and I have been working so very hard to make the biggest difference we can for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Each of us have different inspirations and reasons we are a part of this causeContinue reading “17 Days: Last Chances… Tropical Vacations… Silent Auctions… and MORE!”

Medals for Patients!

This weekend was bittersweet. We hit a big fundraising milestone goal, which was fabulous. However, a warrior close to our hearts lost his fight against Leukemia. Chris was only 14 and had relapsed earlier this spring. He was the first fellow pediatric patient to reach out to my niece as she was being diagnosed andContinue reading “Medals for Patients!”

Half way there… Updates for the week!

Happy Monday, friends. Today, I am publishing some big updates to the campaign website (here at emily2020.org!)! I have added some new content/detail, cleared out some of the sadness… I mean… the clutter of all we had planned for months before the pandemic took over. Also, I want to share some fun for this weekContinue reading “Half way there… Updates for the week!”

The Warrior Unicorn Panda is BACK!

Check it out!! Our awesome Warrior Unicorn Panda (that started all of this for me) is back!! You can snag your own apparel and mugs through May only!! New style: baseball t!! The amazing local One Mission donates proceeds from each item sold to our cause. They offer many wonderful gifts, candles, Haitian-made items, jewelry,Continue reading “The Warrior Unicorn Panda is BACK!”

Pamper Virtual Event & Gift Bags

Spoil the ladies in your life, including yourself, with our Pamper party packages. We will porch-deliver in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and West Des Moines areas (5/7-10). Order by Sunday April 26! Your order will include a link to the virtual pamper event on Sunday May 17, when our pamper pro will walk usContinue reading “Pamper Virtual Event & Gift Bags”

Warrior Wall, 50-State Challenge, and …Antigua Giveaway?!

Updates Today:Easter Eggs in CR! | Warrior Wall | 50-State Challenge | Live Kickoff Party Recorded! | ANTIGUA Giveaway! Easter Eggs in Cedar Rapids! This week, we are rolling out 2 options to brighten your social distancing with Easter Eggs! First, you can add 25 eggs for just $15 to any local Flocking Fun. Second,Continue reading “Warrior Wall, 50-State Challenge, and …Antigua Giveaway?!”