Half way there… Updates for the week!

Happy Monday, friends. Today, I am publishing some big updates to the campaign website (here at emily2020.org!)! I have added some new content/detail, cleared out some of the sadness… I mean… the clutter of all we had planned for months before the pandemic took over. Also, I want to share some fun for this week – some new giveaways drawing next weekend!

New Content!

Impossibly Strong Virtual Race page! That’s right, our newest and hopefully biggest event of this campaign has its own page on this site now. As I’m sure you’ve seen, it’s nothing fancy, but is a landing page with all the details. It can be found here! https://emily2020.org/impossibly-strong-virtual-race/ Help us spread the word of this fun, easy way to support the campaign – we need to get more participants to unlock medals and a second vacation package!!

Donate to the Team! This effort is a TEAM effort – no doubt about that. So to be sure all supporters can see all the incredible people behind this work and donate where they wish, the Donate page has been updated with the full team and their LLS fundraising pages. Check it out here! https://emily2020.org/donate/

Refreshed and Cleaned Up!

After living in denial for weeks, I accepted the reality – in person events just won’t get to happen during this campaign. It truly saddens me and is hard to wrap my head around everything the team worked so hard and so many countless hours for that just won’t get to be, but it’s the way things are. So, I removed the Public Event link from the site so it no longer taunts me!

We also gave trivia a shot earlier in the campaign. While we had a lot of fun with it, it became clear people enjoy the connection to people but really are wanting to be outside and moving more… and I don’t blame them! So for now, we have no further trivia plans. Feedback welcomed, always!


In conjunction with our Virtual Pamper event coming up, my team prepared many fun giveaway packages. I am so appreciative of all the generosity that made these possible. While those who purchased Pamper Packs received a free entry into the giveaway of their choice, all who wish to donate for a chance may as well. Each one is $5 and donations are accepted through our standard donation channels (see Donate page – LLS website and Venmo!). Email me when you’ve made your donation and I will send the link to submit your choices! Email to: EmilyWOY2020@gmail.com Entries close Saturday night 10:59pm.

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