Full-Steam… into Socially Distancing?!!

Hello, supporters! I have been quiet for a few weeks. As everyone can’t help but know, the pandemic that is upending life as everyone knows it is having super real impacts. Its impact on this effort is no different. You may ask WHY?? we are going forward with it now… because we ARE… and I don’t blame you for wondering. Instead of answering with a fabulous reason now, I instead implore you to join us Thursday evening at 8pm (CDT) for a “Why Now?” trivia game. This is free to attend, happens right after our state kicks off this campaign, and will hopefully shed light on why we must go on! Cancer patients need us… LLS needs us. I hope you will join to learn about what LLS does and why it’s as important now that we continue forward.

What has changed?

Everythings!!!!!!!! Of course. The last few weeks have involved just about every emotion in the book… yes, this post is far more raw than I ever planned to share here. Because it’s REAL. Covid-19 is very real. The impact it is having globally is heartbreaking-ly REAL. But what has NOT changed… but is still just as REAL… is my why. My niece still battled cancer last year. She still has lifelong scars because of it – damage to her heart, no spleen, and who knows what else that could surface. Chemo is rough. It is harsh. It is all she had. Science hasn’t caught up with the times for treatments for children. LLS is working to change that.

Why not NEXT YEAR? Because kids like her can’t wait. Their cures can’t wait. Their treatments can’t pause for a year. They need us TODAY. My heartache seeing what cancer and the treatments available did to her is NOT changed. My motivation to make the biggest impact humanly possible for her is NOT changed. My goal has NOT changed.

My sweet boy (10 years old) is on my team because of his love for his cousin and heartache for what she went through. He told me we HAVE to win this. I told him that my goal is actually NOT to win…. he was stunned… until I explained: My goal is to reach (exceed) my goal for our team (>>>$100,000) …then “lose.”… …. … that means another woman in Iowa ALSO raised that magic number. Afterall, everyone wins when cancer loses… so let’s lose!!

So back to the campaign… What has changed?

Again…. Everythings!!!!!!!! No but really… after a week or so truly grieving the loss – accepting that this campaign would not play out how I had dreamed and planned and worked so hard for since October… we got working. My team is working hard… we still are and will be!

Socially Distanced Fun!!! – check out the new web page on this site! It’s a work in progress because we are still developing more. We want to engage every person we can reach the friends of our friends’ friends’ friends! Our goal is to offer opportunities for kids and adults to engage, interact, mix it up, get outside to move… all while adhering to the CDC guidelines on social distancing and any stricter state requirements! After all, we can’t keep cancer patients safe if we aren’t doing our part!

Trivia – kids (daytime) and adult (evenings)…. Outdoor Adventures including Eye Spy and Scavenger – programs for the Cedar Rapids area AND “Anywhere”… and Virtual Socials.

How did I end on Virtual Socials??? That’s FIRST! Our big kickoff virtual social is Sunday April 5 at 3pm. Check the Socially Distanced Fun and/or Public Events tabs for details. Though we will live stream on Facebook, you do NOT have to have a FB account/login to watch. Do you wish to chat with us to share your WHY? Email me for the Zoom link.

End? Just kidding…

Please click to follow this blog/site. We have a few more fun virtual opportunities up our sleeve and this will be a prime way to be in-the-know. Plus, as in-person events near, we will be updating here with any new events, postponed dates, or cancelations. Stay in the loop!

Thank you for following. Thank you for reading. Cheers to you. Be WELL!


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