Active, Fun, Dreamy… Cancer isn’t Canceled!

Just 13 days to go until the Grand Finale… here’s how you can get involved and have some fun!

We are in the home stretch of this campaign. Every dollar counts and we are really counting on all of our supporters to get as close to our goal as we can. Cancer doesn’t pause for a pandemic, so neither do we! Here are the fun things you can do to support and engage over the next week:

>>Barre3 live-stream class with giveaways! | Saturday June 6 at 9am | Pre-registration required by Friday June 5. Details below!
>>Silent Auction on Facebook | Saturday June 6 ends at 5pm | Bidding active | Details below!
>>Impossibly Strong Virtual Race! | Saturday June 6 deadline 10pm for drawing eligibility | Details below!
>>Tropical Resort Giveaways | Pick Your Box and Lucky Numbers | Antigua Grenadines Panama Antigua | Ends June 13 or when chances run out! | Details below.
>>Grand Finale Virtual Gala | Saturday June 13 6pm | Pre-Register TODAY! | Details below!

Barre3 Live-stream Class

barre3 is a full-body balanced workout combining strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness. All you will need are some handheld weights between 1-8 lbs (or weight-like objects such as cans of food or filled water bottles), water to drink, and some space to take up. We’ll guide you through the rest!

Live-stream class is instructed by the Iowa City studio owner, Maureen Beran! She is generously donating her time AND a gift certificate for a 2-week Live-stream unlimited pass (giveaway!)!

Your registration includes a ticket for the drawing in 3 prize choices. Additional tickets are just $5!
•Barre 3 Live-stream 2-week pass (Value $45)
•Fleet Feet Des Moines 5k Training Program scholarship (begins August; value $75)
•Total Rejuvenation Cedar Rapids Floatation Therapy (90-min; value $69)

To register:
•Donate $20+extra raffles via Venmo @EmilyWOY2020 or on the LLS website here.
•Email emilyWOY2020@gmail.com with name and preferred email for attendee; include the count for any added giveaway tickets, and which items entered for in your email.

**Registration will close and donations will be verified by noon Friday June 5; Maureen will then send the link for the Live-stream class after attendees are confirmed.**


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Impossibly Strong Silent Auction

Team Impossibly Strong is hosting a silent auction on Facebook. We are offering a variety of fun arts and leisure packages all open for bidding now! 100% of the funds raised by each item will be donations directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. You can view and bid on all the items on Facebook here! Note: additional items may continue to be added; shipping for anything beyond gift cards/certificates will be at the winner’s expense.
Bidding ends Saturday June 6 at 5pm!

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Impossibly Strong Virtual Race – Ends Soon!

Our team is incredibly grateful to the many people who have taken on this challenge to get active for a cure! We are well over half way to our goal of 250 participants. Our goal is to get to 250 participants so that we are able to give away TWO tropical resort certificates! We will be drawing (Facebook live) on Sunday June 7 at noon – one certificate on St. Lucia will be given away… if we hit 250 participants, we will also give away a certificate for Barbados! Check out the images for resort details.

Join us! You can still Register HERE and take your chosen active challenge by 10pm Saturday June 6 to be eligible for the giveaways. Participants each earn a custom medal – for self or gift it to a cancer patient! You can add an extra if you’d like both. We still have some swag bags up for grabs as well, thank you to the many who elected to donate and gift their medal only. Check out further event details here.

Join the fun – Get Active For a Cure!

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Tropical Resort Giveaways

Our team is excited to give away FOUR additional tropical resort certificates! We are limited the number of chances per trip to only 50 as well, so you know your odds AND get to pick your lucky numbers (don’t delay!). Chances are $20/1 or $100/6 – 100% of the funds are donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Updates on the boards reflecting number availability are shared on the Facebook event here.

Each certificate is good for 2-3 rooms/suites/villas at these 4- and 5-star resorts. The winner is responsible for airfare and a daily per diem per traveler, which covers the food, drink, tips, etc. Details for each resort are in the photos below. Note: Panama package includes excursions of your choice too!

To enter, donate via Venmo @Emilywoy2020 or teammate Maria Gaffney’s page here! Email our team at EmilyWOY2020 at gmail.com – we will forward your requested box/number squares to Maria to confirm. To reach her directly, check out the event details on Facebook here.

Box 1 The Grenadines & Antigua – 100 Chances sold – TWO packages given away!

Box 2 Panama – 50 Chances sold – one package given away!

Box 3 Antigua – 50 Chances sold – one package given away!

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Grand Finale Virtual Gala

Join us Saturday June 13 at 6pm to celebrate the impact made possible by each of you and your support! To join us, you MUST pre-register. LLS is working hard to staff the virtual event for a seamless, enjoyable happy hour, including management of party crashers. Knowing the volume of attendees will help. In addition, your registration allows LLS to provide the zoom link directly to you. You’ll also be kept in the loop when the Silent Auction opens on Wednesday June 10. Our team has prepared 12 exciting packages, and there will be others as well. Check out the teasers pictured, or visit my prior post for further details.

I hope you’ll join me Saturday June 13. Text LLSiowa2020 to 76278 and it will walk you through a few quick prompts. Or, register online HERE!

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17 Days: Last Chances… Tropical Vacations… Silent Auctions… and MORE!

We are in the middle of week 8 and I can’t believe how fast this is going. My team and I have been working so very hard to make the biggest difference we can for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Each of us have different inspirations and reasons we are a part of this cause – if you haven’t already, check out the “Meet the Team” posts on my campaign Facebook page here!

Please take a few minutes to check out all we have going on – with just 17 days until the Grand Finale, we are packing it all in and have a lot of really great things to share. So here’s your “click list” – but I really hope you’ll peek at all of it…especially because the Grand Finale – the final big, exciting event is the last thing!

Updates and Campaign Fun!

Don’t miss any of this:
Zyia Event & Perfectly Posh Events
ending Saturday May 30
Impossibly Strong Virtual Race happening on May 30 – open through June 6
Warrior Unicorn Panda Merchandise closing May 31
Silent Auction – Art & Leisure on Facebook – ends June 6
Barre 3 Virtual Class for a Cause Saturday June 6
Silent Auction for Grand Finale opens Wednesday June 10, closing Saturday June 13
Tropical Vacation Giveaways drawn live Saturday June 13 (ENTER NOW!)

Zyia & Perfect Posh Events

As this campaign has progressed during the crazy of the pandemic, it became quite clear that we would need to get creative and also step outside the normal fundraising events. We planned all of those and each one was canceled. So I have worked with two campaign supporters to bring two fundraising opportunities to our supporters. After-all, I doubt I am the only person seeking online means of spring/summer wardrobe and self-care needs.

Zyia offers high-quality athletic/athleisure wares that I’ve quickly become quite the fan of. If you’re new to the line, note that you had better snag what you love fast – items can run out quickly. They offer new releases each Wednesday, and restocks periodically as well.

Shop Zyia HERE by Saturday May 30 for the full commission (20%) of your sale to be donated to our fundraiser!! Note: the usual host incentives are also up for grabs. Each item you purchase gets your name in the hat for two drawings: one for the free product earned and another for the 1/2 off items.

Perfectly Posh offers a line of self-care items that I’ve personally been a fan of for years. The local business owner, Shaleen, personally provided all the supplies for our recent Pamper Party. Now, she is also offering to donate her commission.

Shop Posh HERE by Saturday May 30 for the full commission (25%) of your sale to be donated to our fundraiser! If you’re new to Posh, know their products are fantastic for sensitive, dry skin – that was why our family fell in love with them… real need! We love the Chunk bars for all of us, the Big Fat Yummy Hand Creams for rich non-greasy lotion, and the Bath Fizzis too. The many facewashes and masks I’ve tried have been wonderful as well.

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Impossibly Strong Virtual Race

Saturday May 30: we will be moving! We are so excited for this virtual race where participants get to choose their HOW and their HOW LONG. We invite you to Run it – Bike it – Walk it – Hike it. When you register, you’ll see choices of a 5k, 10k, and half marathon. You choose what works – set a new distance record, set a new PR, or just stroll along, knowing you’re supporting a worthy cause.

WE ARE GETTING MEDALS! Although we have yet to hit the 250 participants, I simply could not see accepting no medal. Why? My niece – my lymphoma warrior – my why – designed it. Unknowingly, but still. It’s her drawing. So we are making it happen. Help us hit 250 participants and we will be able to make even more of the participant registration costs a donation! It nearly cuts the medal costs in HALF, so it’s super worthwhile to shoot for it. Plus, at 250 people, we add the second Barbados tropical resort certificate to the participant giveaway to the St. Lucia resort. More details HERE.

Not a “medal person??” That’s ok! You can elect for your medal to go to a cancer patient – how cool is that? You get moving – you earn a medal for someone who cannot right now!! If you DO love a cool, unique medal, GREAT! You can opt for BOTH. It’s only $5 more to get TWO – one for YOU and one for a PATIENT!

Register today if you’ve not already. You can make it a neighborhood bird-watching stroll, or go for a new PR in the half. Whatever you wish for – just sign up, support the cause, and share with your friends!


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Warrior Unicorn Panda Merchandise

Don’t miss your chance to snag the awesome Warrior Unicorn Panda merchandise, or other inspirational themes and art from the local (Mt. Vernon) One Mission. This design first surfaced while my niece was fighting Lymphoma in 2019. Today, this design continues to support the cause of making a brighter future for cancer patients. Check out the shirts, mugs, and more here! 40% of all purchases through our link will go directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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Silent Auction – Art & Leisure

Our team is offering 14 packages for the cause – beautiful art, professional hair services, and leisure – Cedar Rapids, Iowa City/Coralville, and St. Louis… and, if you’re a Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, or Iowa Hawkeye fan, we have a few things for you too. Check out the event on Facebook for details on each package. Bidding ends on Saturday June 6!

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Barre 3 Virtual Class

Just over a year ago, Maureen Beran opened the first Barre 3 studio in the area in Iowa City. This dear friend has offered to volunteer her time to teach a virtual class… and I can’t wait! New to Barre 3?

barre3 is a full-body balanced workout combining strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness. All you will need are some handheld weights between 1-8 lbs (or weight-like objects such as cans of food or filled water bottles), water to drink, and some space to take up. We’ll guide you through the rest!

Your registration includes a ticket for the drawing in 3 prize choices. Additional tickets are just $5!
•Barre 3 Livestream 2-week pass (Value $45)
•Fleet Feet Des Moines 5k Training Program scholarship (begins August; value $75)
•Total Rejuvenation Cedar Rapids Floatation Therapy (90-min; value $69)

To register:
•Donate $20+extra raffles via Venmo @EmilyWOY2020 or LLS link.
•Email emilyWOY2020@gmail.com with name and preferred email for attendee; include the raffle count and which items entered for in your email.

**Registration will close and donations will be verified by noon Friday June 5; Maureen will then send the link for the Livestream class after attendees are confirmed.**

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Silent Auction for Grand Finale

Thank you to the generosity of many, team Impossibly Strong will have 12 packages for the Grand File Silent Auction. The auction will open Wednesday, June 10 and close early on Saturday June 13. The winning donation on each item our team worked so hard for will count towards our team total. Check out the amazing packages and register (see Grand Finale below for HOW) to check these and many other items out, and to join the bidding fun.

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Tropical Vacation Giveaways

Thank you to the generous support of the Elite Island Resorts, our team is giving away FOUR tropical resort packages. This is in addition to the others given away early in our campaign and through our Virtual Race. Yes, they generously contributed EIGHT!

Each of the four vacation resort certificates includes a stay of 7-10 days for 2-3 rooms/suites/villas. The winner must pay a daily per-person resort all-inclusive expense, plus airfare. Check each package photo for details – some excursions included, in addition to the all-inclusive luxury! Each one also is good until December 20, 2021 – so, ample time to win, dream, plan, and go.

Chances: each package is limited to 50 chances to win; you pick your “box” for package choices, and your lucky numbers. Chances to win are $20/1 or $100/6 and they can be split among the packages/boxes. On Saturday June 13, we will draw the winners live!

*Box 1 includes 100 chances for the drawing of TWO resort certificates – the first name drawn will get to pick, the second name will get the other. They include the first Antigua and the Grenadines resorts; Box 2 is 50 chances for ONE certificate for Panama – a resort/experience highly rated by a personal dear friend; and, Box 3 is 50 chances for ONE certificate in Antigua. There are differences in the cost you pay to go – please note the details in the photos!

To enter, Donate on Venmo @Emilywoy2020 or Maria’s Page HERE! Email Maria Gaffney at magaffney4@gmail.com or text at 563-608-2087 to select your box and squares! You can see updated box availability on the Facebook event page HERE.

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This exciting 10-week campaign comes to a close on Saturday June 13! Though it is usually celebrated with a Gala, complete with in-person celebrations, this year will of course be unique. We are excited to welcome all friends, family, supporters to join us for this shorter Virtual Celebration at 6pm on Saturday June 13.

Join us via Zoom! To receive this link, you MUST pre-register. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is working hard to keep these events smooth-sailing, including monitoring for gala-crashers. In order to do so, they need to be appropriately staffed and need to be sure the Zoom event is set up for the correct volume of participants. So please please don’t delay. It is super simple to register – it took me at most ONE MINUTE via text. You can elect to go online, though if you’re a mobile user, the text setup is a breeze.

Text LLSiowa2020 to 76278 and it will walk you through the prompts.
Register online HERE, otherwise!

This whole experience has been such an honor. To see many supportive faces on this celebratory evening would be an incredible honor. Please, join me!

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What is this all about?

Thank you for visiting this website! I am so excited you are here and I hope this helps you understand what this is all about.

I am leading a team of friends and family that is driven to find cures for blood cancer, and support the Mission of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Because I am all about “go big, or go home,” the team has quite a big goal set to raise during the 10-week campaign. Every dollar we raise counts as one vote for me. The candidate whose team tallies the most votes earns the prestigious title of “Man or Woman of the Year“.  But let’s be real… it’s not about the title.

My why: my niece was 11 when she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in June, 2019. She is now recovering from a brutal fight, that included more tests, taps, scans, treatments, and miserable days than any child should endure, including missing an entire summer of adventure and the first half of her first year of middle school. She may get to hear the word “cured” if all continues well; she returned to school after Thanksgiving, but with permanent heart damage, without her spleen, and without hair… and still, her costs of cancer aren’t the same as so many. I am working to fight for the day that she and ALL blood cancer patients will be CURED. Many diagnoses have much lower cure rates and that isn’t ok. For her, for the children representing the Iowa Chapter of LLS, and for all who will face a fight against blood cancer, let’s do this!

Everyone wins when cancer loses. Thanks to your support, my efforts will help fund therapies and treatments that are saving lives. Over the years, support from people like you has been responsible for the blood cancer advancements that have doubled, tripled, and in some cases quadrupled the survival rate for some blood cancers.

Many LLS supported therapies not only help blood cancer patients, but are also now used to treat patients with rare forms of stomach and skin cancers and are in clinical trials for patients with lung, brain, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers. And LLS funded drugs like targeted therapies and immunotherapies are now saving thousands of lives every day.

We really are getting close to our goal of a world without blood cancers!

So why the website? My incredible team has helped make it possible for us to host about a dozen fun events. We will offer fun for all ages; family-fun events and adult time too!

So much thought and care has gone into each event so that the donation attendees make to participate provide more than the great feeling of helping the cause. Your donation will include things like food, drink tickets, a raffle ticket, live music, and SWAG bags (vary by event). Nearly all events will have great packages for those raffle tickets, including kiddo fun, food and drink, experiences, and tropical vacation resorts!

When are these exciting events? The campaign officially kicks off on April 2, 2020… so hold your excitement (and generosity!) until that date. It concludes with the Grand Finale gala celebration in Altoona on Saturday, June 13. The events we have planned for all of you kick off on April 2 and conclude just before the gala.

Why is this going live so early? Our team will soon be rolling out some exciting things so we are ready to hit the ground running on April 2. We will have campaign apparel available, which will come with exciting incentives and help fund campaign activities; we will have advance registration opportunities to both give us an estimate of attendees to make it the best for you, as well as allow for schedule planning.

How can you stay in the know? Click the option to “Follow this Campaign!” You will get notified when news of events rolls out, as well as when the campaign officially launches and is ending. Follow the campaign on Facebook as well at https://www.facebook.com/EmilyWOY2020 – please interact, engage, and share! That will help our team maximize our reach!

How can you help? Share this site, register to join our exciting events, follow on Facebook, provide any feedback you can! We are still adding sponsors for our events, as well as for the Grand Finale, so any suggestions or support is welcomed. We are working with a great local company to offer our apparel, which will include the logos of our sponsors as well!

Please visit my website often and tell friends who would also like to have some fun while supporting an amazing cause.

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you for your support! For more information about LLS, please visit http://www.lls.org

If you’ve read this far, THANK YOU! If you scrolled down and scanned to this point, THANK YOU (but don’t miss the “follow” option above!)! I am beyond excited for this incredible challenge and to make the absolute biggest impact I can, with the help of all of you. Cheers!

5 Days Remain!

Happy Monday! I cannot believe this 10-week journey is close to its end. I am deeply appreciative of all the support along the way. It has not been easy – we had planned for many months, canceled all of it, and rebuilt from scratch amid the pandemic, home-schooling and parenting young kids, and just trying to navigate this crazy time. So, now that we are here… let me share the final ways you can help – ways for adults and kids to have fun and engage, while supporting the mission to cure cancer and support patients!

Here’s what’s left:

T-Shirts | Kids Cure Cancer ‘5K’ BINGO Challenge | Tropical Resort Giveaways | Silent Auction and Grand Finale!

Campaign T-Shirts Available

Campaign cash funded the 10 remaining t-shirts – snag one by making a donation! The suggested minimum is $12 – they retailed for $20! I have the following:
2 Youth (L red, M black)
3 Adult M (black, red, grey)
5 Adult L (Red, White, Grey, 2 Black)

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Kids Cure Cancer ‘5K’ BINGO Challenge

Parent-feedback told us many kids would love to earn a virtual race medal, but a 5k or longer just isn’t for all kids. So, we put together this fun twist – 5 activities to make a BINGO, and each starts with a K! Check out the Facebook event for further details on this fun, active way to earn a medal and other fun prizes!!

Register today! Registration is so simple – $15 donation per child and an email to emilyWOY2020 at gmail dot com with all kids’ names. You can donate via Venmo @EmilyWOY2020 or on the LLS site HERE!

Kids Cure Cancer ‘5K’ BINGO Challenge Facebook Event!

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Tropical Resort Giveaways!

Don’t miss your chance to get away! We have 5 resort certificates for Panama, Antigua (2), Barbados, and the Grenadines. Chances are just $20/1 or $100/6 – you pick your lucky numbers and there are only 50 chances per certificate. The certificates are all valid for 2-3 rooms/suites/villas and are good until December 20, 2021. Winners pay for airfare and a daily per diem per traveler for the all-inclusive food/drink/activity packages. Check this giveaway out on Facebook here!

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Grand Finale Virtual Gala and Silent Auction

Join us Saturday June 13 at 6pm to celebrate the impact made possible by each of you and your support! To join us, you MUST pre-register. LLS is working hard to staff the virtual event for a seamless, enjoyable happy hour, including management of party crashers. Knowing the volume of attendees will help. In addition, your registration allows LLS to provide the zoom link directly to you. You’ll also be kept in the loop when the Silent Auction opens on Wednesday June 10. Our team has prepared 12 exciting packages, and there will be others as well. Check out the teasers pictured, or visit my prior post for further details.

I hope you’ll join me Saturday June 13. Text LLSiowa2020 to 76278 and it will walk you through a few quick prompts. Or, register online HERE!

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Medals for Patients!

This weekend was bittersweet. We hit a big fundraising milestone goal, which was fabulous. However, a warrior close to our hearts lost his fight against Leukemia. Chris was only 14 and had relapsed earlier this spring. He was the first fellow pediatric patient to reach out to my niece as she was being diagnosed and treated; his Mom was the first to reach out to my sister to connect and relate through the process of treatment. My heart breaks for this child who deserved better. This has fueled my somewhat-tiring fire though – we have just under 4 weeks to do the best we can for cancer! So how can we fight for the future of cancer patients AND provide support today??

Medals for Patients

Our race – the Impossibly Strong Virtual Race – was planned to offer a race for this spring that benefits curing cancer. Many of us are missing the usual spring races… and will even miss many this summer. The realization hit that the same is likely true for many many cancer patients. Their health may be keeping them from their usual activity. So, we have added another option (2, really) for the medals!!!

Earn the medal for a Cancer Patient! If you know someone you would like to be the recipient of your medal, you can provide their name and address on the registration form and we will send it their way this summer when medals are ready. If you don’t have a particular patient in mind, we will identify one – with the goal of one in YOUR state – to send it to!

I do love a fun race medal…. and gifting… We have another option: for just $5 additional donation, your activity will earn YOU a medal AND we will send one to a patient! Win/Win!

Register HERE today – you choose how you’ll move – Run, Bike, Walk, Hike – and how far you will go – 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon. Our team is planning to take on our race challenges Saturday May 30 at 9am. However, this is a virtual race, which means you have the flexibility to “rain date” it whenever you need. Register and complete the challenge by June 6 to be eligible for the medals and tropical resort giveaways! Check the Impossibly Strong Virtual Race page on this website for further details.

So it’s time – Get active to help cure cancer! 100% of proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to support their mission of curing blood cancers and improving the quality of life for patients and their families.

Help us make an even bigger difference by SHARING this event!!

Half way there… Updates for the week!

Happy Monday, friends. Today, I am publishing some big updates to the campaign website (here at emily2020.org!)! I have added some new content/detail, cleared out some of the sadness… I mean… the clutter of all we had planned for months before the pandemic took over. Also, I want to share some fun for this week – some new giveaways drawing next weekend!

New Content!

Impossibly Strong Virtual Race page! That’s right, our newest and hopefully biggest event of this campaign has its own page on this site now. As I’m sure you’ve seen, it’s nothing fancy, but is a landing page with all the details. It can be found here! https://emily2020.org/impossibly-strong-virtual-race/ Help us spread the word of this fun, easy way to support the campaign – we need to get more participants to unlock medals and a second vacation package!!

Donate to the Team! This effort is a TEAM effort – no doubt about that. So to be sure all supporters can see all the incredible people behind this work and donate where they wish, the Donate page has been updated with the full team and their LLS fundraising pages. Check it out here! https://emily2020.org/donate/

Refreshed and Cleaned Up!

After living in denial for weeks, I accepted the reality – in person events just won’t get to happen during this campaign. It truly saddens me and is hard to wrap my head around everything the team worked so hard and so many countless hours for that just won’t get to be, but it’s the way things are. So, I removed the Public Event link from the site so it no longer taunts me!

We also gave trivia a shot earlier in the campaign. While we had a lot of fun with it, it became clear people enjoy the connection to people but really are wanting to be outside and moving more… and I don’t blame them! So for now, we have no further trivia plans. Feedback welcomed, always!


In conjunction with our Virtual Pamper event coming up, my team prepared many fun giveaway packages. I am so appreciative of all the generosity that made these possible. While those who purchased Pamper Packs received a free entry into the giveaway of their choice, all who wish to donate for a chance may as well. Each one is $5 and donations are accepted through our standard donation channels (see Donate page – LLS website and Venmo!). Email me when you’ve made your donation and I will send the link to submit your choices! Email to: EmilyWOY2020@gmail.com Entries close Saturday night 10:59pm.

The Warrior Unicorn Panda is BACK!

Check it out!! Our awesome Warrior Unicorn Panda (that started all of this for me) is back!! You can snag your own apparel and mugs through May only!! New style: baseball t!!

The amazing local One Mission donates proceeds from each item sold to our cause. They offer many wonderful gifts, candles, Haitian-made items, jewelry, and many other shirt and mug designs too. Shop through this link to support our cause and all funds will go to LLS!

O’s Impossibly Strong Warrior Unicorn Pandas

This adorable design matches the race medal as well. So snag your race apparel, register for the Virtual Race, and join the team as we fight cancer!!

In case you missed the details for the Virtual Race, check it out:

*Run it * Bike it * Walk it * Hike it*

Choose your distance, choose how you do it – Join the team to go after a goal and FIGHT CANCER TOGETHER!

These photos show you where we started with the amazing Impossibly Strong Warrior Unicorn Panda in 2019… from my niece and lymphoma warrior’s drawing – to the race medal!

Help us unlock this by registering today and SHARING. When we hit 250 participants, all participants will be able to receive this awesome custom medal! Plus, there are other exciting incentives. Check them out in the registration form here:


Virtual Race!!

This one is for EVERYONE! Run it, bike it, walk it, hike it… join the team of virtual movers and go after YOUR goal while helping fight cancer!

How? Choose your distance and activity, then join the community of active supporters. Our event date is Saturday May 30 at 9am. While we will love to know our team of supporters all over are engaging in activity “together,” your “rain” date can be scheduled as you need to. Just get out there and go after your goal!

Register: https://forms.gle/bJbTg3XHeUvT1Ez1A
$25/participant – 100% of proceeds go to LLS.

Registration includes:
-Digital race bib – print at home!
-Spotify playlist – curated by warriors and their support teams
-Community – a facebook group to share your training, your success, and hear from our sponsor with tips from the pro’s!

BONUS Perks:
-Drawstring swag bag with glow logo FREE to the first 150 participants!
-Custom Medal (pictured) for all participants unlocked when we reach 250 participants!
-Submit photo from your challenge and the race completion form for an entry to win a resort certificate for the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay in St. Lucia! Certificate is good for 7-10 nights and 3 suites valued at $2,745

DOUBLE Bonus Perk:
-DOUBLE the vacation resort giveaway! That’s right – TWO winners. When we hit 250 participants registered, it will unlock a double win – a second resort certificate for an adults-only package will be added for your choice of entry. This second resort certificate is for the Club Barbados Resort and Spa – it is good for 7-10 nights and 3 1-bedroom suites valued at $2,400

NFL Draft Bet!

NFL Fans… sports fans missing the spring of competition… those who missed March Madness this year: now is your chance!

The NFL Draft begins Thursday April 23. Jump on this chance to place your bets while supporting a great cause! Submission and bets close at 9pm Wednesday.

Note: your winnings grow the more you help share!! Spread the word…especially if you’ve got friends like myself who have to google all the things!

Enter here!

Pamper Virtual Event & Gift Bags

Spoil the ladies in your life, including yourself, with our Pamper party packages. We will porch-deliver in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and West Des Moines areas (5/7-10). Order by Sunday April 26!

Your order will include a link to the virtual pamper event on Sunday May 17, when our pamper pro will walk us through some at-home pampering/facial fun, using the kit in your gift bag! Ladies, the adult bag also includes a choice of wine; all bags include a choice of specialty popcorn, a deluxe bath bomb, and some fun swag and samples.

Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScaC6VulIT_FKwTsV4hDpcQHidv0BG2oUhYY0CY8T_z15AG7Q/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1

Wine choices! First Avenue Wine House is our partner for wine – support them AND LLS; the owner kindly recommended these options that are “all the rage,” including the Black Bellini, which is a blood orange Bellini!
Almost Famous is our popcorn partner! Pick one with each package (adult and child) and add on extras to support LLS and this awesome local business!

Here’s the info shared on Facebook:

Mark your calendar for a Mother’s Day date with your littles!

Mothers, aunts, grandmothers: Enjoy refreshments get social, which keeping safe distance. We have a variety of fun raffles, with a ticket included for all attendees.

Enjoy an afternoon of pampering with your little one(s) for a great cause! Each ticket includes pampering packs, party favor bags, a bag of Almost Famous popcorn, a bottle of wine from 1st Ave Wine House (adult package), and one raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets, popcorn and bottles of wine can be added.

These package purchases support local businesses AND the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Each added item purchased does as well! Raffle tickets are 100% donation.

Raffle prizes include an American Girl doll, a Frozen package, a Matilda Jane doll package ; and, fun for the ladies including massage treatments, bags, and more!

How will it work?

  1. Fill out this Google form by Sunday April 26.
  2. Complete your payment using the link in your confirmation message.
  3. Pampering packs will be dropped off at your home between May 7-10.
  4. Information on how to join and a video conferencing link will be emailed out prior to the event.
  5. When it’s party time, our event host, Shaleen Ague will walk everyone through the pampering using the items in the pampering packs.

Additional add-on items:
Wine- $15 each additional bottle (Lola moscoto d’asti, Lola sweet rosé, Lola sweet red, Lola prosecco, or Fresca Black Bellini sparkling wine)
Popcorn – $5 each additional bag (Salted caramel drizzle, Wisconsin white cheddar, Caramel cheddar mix, or Poppy Chow)
Raffle Tickets- $5 each additional ticket or $20 for 5 additional tickets

Warrior Wall, 50-State Challenge, and …Antigua Giveaway?!

Updates Today:
Easter Eggs in CR! | Warrior Wall | 50-State Challenge | Live Kickoff Party Recorded! | ANTIGUA Giveaway!

Easter Eggs in Cedar Rapids!

This week, we are rolling out 2 options to brighten your social distancing with Easter Eggs! First, you can add 25 eggs for just $15 to any local Flocking Fun. Second, Egg My House! – $30 donation for 25 eggs, $45 for 50!!! *Note, these and Flocking donations are separate from Giveaway below. Your EGGING will happen within 3 days/by Sunday (whichever is later at the latest!) – but you’ll be just as surprised of exactly when. This is available within 10 miles of the 52411 zip code. These offerings will be available through the Easter season, while supplies last (over 1,300 to start!)! Here are both graphics:

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Warrior Wall!

This special banner is intended to carry my team and I through this campaign, while honoring all who have faced a fight with cancer. Today, it was introduced on our Live Kickoff Party and we got a start at adding names of those we know and love – some fighting now, those who’ve won, and many who lost their fight. I welcome anyone to send names of your warriors and angels to add to this – last name not required!

I will share updates of this wall as the campaign progresses, and hopefully share it in person, if this pandemic allows, later this spring. So for now, please send me your warriors to be added. Here is today:

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50-State Challenge

The Iowa chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society shared a challenge with the other candidates and I – our goal is to be the first team to receive a donation of $5 or more from each state. Please help my team spread the love… or rather, collect it!! What better timing than with the launch of our first Virtual Raffle (below)…

Donate Here!

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Live Kickoff Party – Recorded!!

Today, we hosted our virtual party. We had scheduled a live music party at Iowa Brewing Co – and I am still bummed that couldn’t happen. It would have been such a fun way to bring supporters and community together. Instead, we socialized on Zoom, live-streamed to Facebook. Rick Gallo, lead of Wood Nickel Lottery played acoustic favorites live for us. The cause is personal for Rick too!

Check out the recording from our live Zoom here, or check it out on Facebook on my campaign page here!!

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Antigua Giveaway!

Last but CERTAINLY not least – support LLS and have your chance at a resort certificate for up to 3 suites at – here are the details shared on Instagram and Facebook:

Every $20 donated from 3pm Sunday 4/5 until 12pm (CDT) Tuesday 4/7, you’ll get an entry to win this resort certificate (details below). Venmo @EmilyWOY2020 or donate on my LLS site here!

Certificate Details:Enjoy 7-9 nights of premium accommodations for up to 3 rooms on a private 100-acre peninsula on Antigua’s southeastern coast where clear turquoise waters surround your own private oasis. The resort features two magnificent white-sand beaches, six pools, four distinct restaurants, non-motorized water sports, tennis & fitness center, supervised kids activities, spa and nightly entertainment. St. James’s Club will leave you with amazing memories to last a lifetime.

Check out St. James Club Antigua HERE!

Certificate donated by Elite Island Resorts and includes the lodging valued at approximately $1,200 per room, $3,600 total! The certificate is subject to a required all-inclusive nightly supplement + tax/service, per person, that provides all dining,beverages, resort activities, and gratuities.

You’ll receive an entry in the giveaway for every multiple of $20 donated from 3pm CDT Sunday 4/5 – 12pm CDT Tuesday 4/7! The winner will be drawn live Tuesday night. Enter for your chance to win!!!! Here’s a little peek:

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